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Test and Tag Safety Services

Professional Electrical Inspections

Test and Tag Safety Services was started in an effort to raise the standards in the field, ensuring safety for everyone in the workplace. We are an Australian owned and operated business servicing Perth and the surrounding areas... Read more about us.

Liquid Container
  • Fully Insured
  • "A" Grade Electricians
  • Full database records
  • Reliable
  • Police Clearance
  • Full Warranty
  • Mobile Onsite Service
  • Reminder Service

Work Safe. Work Happy.

All of our customers were left satisfied after being tagged as safe. We can effectively reduce electrical shock risk by targeting and repairing faulty equipment. We specialize in two main services; testing & tagging and thermography , but we also offer a lot of other services, have a look on the Services pages for more information. You can also contact us here!

Industry Standards

We work according to a very strict set of standards to ensure the highest safety in the work environment while minimizing distractions and disruptions for workers.

During our visits, it is like we aren't even there.

All testing is carried out thoroughly and efficiently,

we will not compromise on your safety - ever! Learn more.