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About Test and Tag Safety Services

About Us - Download this for all the info.

Test and Tag Safety Services are dedicated to providing you with the best service to make you totally compliant with testing and tagging. We will test all of your appliances to the Australian Standard and perform all other necessary tasks such as record keeping as is required by the Australian Standard (AS/NZ 3760:2003).

Test and Tag Safety Services uses a unique electronic data capture system. This system allows us to perform fast and accurate data capture. This means that we can perform up to three times as more work than hand written record keeping systems. This speed means less interruption to the daily routines of you and your staff members.

Once an appliance has passed its tests it shall have a test tag incorperating a barcode placed next to the male plug of the flexible lead, this barcode correlates to data that is kept on our database. This test tag shows that the appliance has been tested, passed, and is ready for use.

Safety of your staff members and clients is paramount, which is why we have put in place a strict set of guidelines we follow. Whenever we find an appliance that has not passed inspection the appliance shall be marked accordingly with a failed tag, which can then be repaired (if you choose this option), wherever possible it will be physically removed from service and given to an appropriate member of your staff.

Commercial / Industrial
• Electrical Appliance testing & tagging
• Electrical thermal imaging (Thermography)
• RCD Testing – single and three phase
• Appliance testing of 3 phase equipment
• Electrical equipment risk assessment
• Light (LUX) level metering
• Microwave oven emission and efficiency testing
• Emergency and exit light testing
• Re‐lamping
• Electrical appliance testing & tagging
• RCD (Safety switch)testing
• Electric blanket testing & scan
• Domestic smoke detector test and battery replacement
• Re‐lamping
• Minor repairs done on site
• After hours service available
• Competitive rates
• Reminder service for “Next Test Due Date”
• Electronic log book asset register
• Fully licensed “A” grade electricians
• Prompt courteous service


For more info feel free to download this.


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