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    Test And Tag Perth

    Services: Test & Tag

    What does Test & Tag involve? The process of testing involves the following:

    Visual Inspection: The most important test is a visual inspection of the device, especially leads. Cords should be firmly anchored in plugs, connections made solidly with no frayed ends. During a testing process, Copper terminals should be clean and not pitted.

    Electrical Testing: The appliance will be tested with various test equipment to test for any unseen electrical faults. These tests during our test & tag services in Perth include; an insulation resistance test; earth continuity, earth routine or earth bond test; a polarity test; and an earth leakage test.

    Record Keeping: Although the AS/NZ 3760:2003 does not refer to record keeping upon completion of any test, various codes of practices refer to this. In spite of this we recommend all information gathered in the test & tag process be recorded comprehensively, whether in a database or by hand in a log book.

    Tags: A safety tag must be placed on the appliance verifying its safe approval. Tags must clearly display:

    • Name of tester/test companies
    • Test Results
    • Assest Description
    • Date tested or retest date
    • Date Tested
    • Asset Id
    • Retest date

    Services We Offer

    Commercial / Industrial

    • Electrical Appliance testing & tagging

    • Electrical thermal imaging (Thermography)

    • RCD Testing – single and three phase

    • Appliance testing of 3 phase equipment

    • Electrical equipment risk assessment

    • Light (LUX) level metering

    • Microwave oven emission and efficiency testing

    • Emergency and exit light testing

    • Re-lamping


    • Electrical appliance testing & tagging

    • RCD (Safety switch)testing

    • Electric blanket testing & scan

    • Domestic smoke detector test and battery replacement

    • Re-lamping


    • Minor repairs done on site

    • After hours service available

    • Competitive rates

    • Reminder service for “Next Test Due Date”

    • Electronic log book asset register

    • Fully licensed “A” grade electricians

    • Prompt courteous service


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